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    good B+ 78 - 74
    B 73 - 67
    B- 66 - 62
    satisfactory C+ 61 - 56
    C 55 - 49
    C- 48 - 44
    sufficient D+ 43 - 39
    D 38 - 32
    poor D- 31 - 26
    insufficient F < 26
    *: (0 + 5 BP) * 100 / (0 + 5 BP + 0 + 5 BP)
Grade composition
The overall rating is made up of the following individual ratings from independent third parties:
Wikipedia's reliability was often criticized in the 2000s but has improved over time; in the late 2010s and early 2020s, it was universally praised. Any positive mention of a source in the extract of a Wikipedia page in terms of credibility and quality gets a plus point, and vice versa.
Media Bias/Fact Check
Media Bias/Fact Check (MBFC) is an American fact-checking website founded in 2015. It uses a 0-10 scale to rate sites on two areas: bias and factual accuracy. A source rated by MBFC with minimal bias gets 10 plus points. Maximum bias gets 10 minus points. The same principle applies to factual accuracy.
  • MBFC-rating was not found.
Fact Checkers
We primarily use fact-checkers affiliated with the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). We have linked to the International Fact-Checking Network fact-checkers' code of principles in the headline. For each failed fact-checker there is one minus point.
  • There are no failed fact checks to date.
Journalism Awards
Journalism prizes are awards for excellent journalistic work in the period covered by the call for entries, which is usually one or two years. Sources receive one plus point for each journalistic award won that we track. We currently track up to three prestigious awards per country.
  • There are no journalism awards won to date.
Press Council Rulings
Press councils are national institutions of media self-regulation. Press councils have their own defined press code. Reprimands are issued in the event of a violation of the press code (e.g. for truthfulness, diligence, sensationalism, separation of advertising and editorial, personal rights). For each reprimand issued by a national press council, a source receives one minus point.
  • There have been no press council rulings against the source to date.
Most scientific publications, though not all, rely on some form of peer review or editorial review to qualify texts for publication. Sources mentioned in studies which rate media quality and/or reliability receive between 10 plus and 10 minus points.
  • There are no evaluations of studies available to date.
Ad Fontes Media
Ad Fontes Media, Inc. is a media watchdog organization based in Colorado that is best known for its Media Bias Chart, which ranks media sources based on political bias and reliability. We combine their ratings of individual articles and episodes to create a weighted average, with low-rated items increasingly weighted higher.
  • Ad Fontes Media rating was not found.
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Tesla to cut 14,000 jobs as Elon Musk aims to make carmaker ‘lean and hungry’: Billionaire says ‘there is nothing I hate more’ than cutting staff as more than ...
Tesla to cut 14,000 jobs as Elon Musk aims to make carmaker ‘lean and ...
Quick Glance: Tesla to Cut 14,000 Jobs, Elon Musk Aims for Lean Brand
  • Tesla is laying off more than 10% of its global workforce, equivalent to at least 14,000 roles, in response to slowing demand and price pressure.

  • Elon Musk announced the 'difficult decision' in a memo, mentioning that Tesla had experienced role and function duplications in certain areas due to rapid growth in recent years.

  • The job cuts follow a difficult start to the year for the electric carmaker, citing production problems caused by unforeseen factors and a decline in global demand.

  • Tesla recorded a gross profit margin of 17.6% in the fourth quarter, the lowest in over four years, attributed to repeated price cuts and increased competition in China.
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Yesterday, George Stephanopoulos conducted a “skillful and revealing interview with New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu,” Peter Wehner writes ... Show more
Quick Glance: N.H. Governor Supports Trump Despite Controversy
  • New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu stated his backing for former President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election, despite acknowledging Trump's role in the Capitol insurrection of January 6, 2021.

  • Sununu emphasized that his support for Trump is more about the Republican administration and values rather than the individual candidate, expressing that a significant percentage of Americans favor Trump's return to the presidency.

  • Addressing the possibility of Trump facing legal challenges, Sununu highlighted the preference for focusing on substantial issues over legal matters in the Republican Party, accepting Trump as a symbol of the desired cultural change within the party.

  • When questioned about his personal stance on Trump, Sununu reiterated his alignment with the majority of Americans who continue to support Trump's presidential candidacy despite concerns over his past actions and potential legal issues.
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The No. 1 pick. Caitlin Clark. 🔥
Profile picture of NBC News
Judge Merchan spoke directly to former President Trump for the first time today during the beginning of Trump's hush money trial ... Show more
Quick Glance: Cohen's Lawyer Responds to Trump's Alleged Violation of Gag Order
  • On Saturday, Trump labeled Cohen a 'disgraced attorney' despite the gag order in his Stormy Daniels case.

  • Lanny Davis, Michael Cohen's attorney, stated that it would be very challenging for a judge to silence Donald Trump with a gag order.

  • Regarding Trump's harsh attack on Cohen on Saturday, Davis mentioned the difficulty in imprisoning Trump for his social media outbursts.

  • Cohen is expected to be a key witness in Trump's trial, focusing on alleged hush money payments before the 2016 election, which commenced on April 15.
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Tesla: job cuts at e-car company - Welcome to reality, Elon Musk!: Tesla is facing a large wave of layoffs. This is bad for the employees, but hopefully healing ...
Tesla: job cuts at e-car company - Welcome to reality, Elon Musk!
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Watch as Steph Curry makes a young fan's dream come true when he sees him wearing his high school jersey. #sportskind
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A controversial result at the Beijing Half Marathon is being re-examined by event organizers after three runners appeared to slow down ahead of the finish line ... Show more
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New X accounts will soon have to pay up before they can post, as it’s “the only way to curb the relentless onslaught of bots,” according to Elon Musk ... Show more
Quick Glance: Elon Musk plans to impose fees on new X users for posting
  • Elon Musk is strategizing to charge new X users a nominal fee to activate posting on the social network and mitigate the bot issue.

  • Musk emphasized that implementing a small fee for new accounts was the 'sole method' to halt the 'influx of bots.'

  • New accounts are anticipated to have free posting privileges after three months, exempt from any charges.

  • At present, there is a lack of specific information on the timeline for enforcing this policy and the potential fees new users might be required to pay.
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Introducing our first 2024 TIME100 cover star: Dua Lipa. The pop star talked to TIME about her new album, her childhood in Kosovo ... Show more
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Should you trust the Monitor? We asked one media watchdog to audit us.: As part of the Monitor’s Rebuilding Trust project, we wondered: Are we trustworthy? So we ...
Should you trust the Monitor? We asked one media watchdog to audit us.
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Quick Glance: Travis Kelce Surprised with Graduation at 'New Heights' Live Show After Long Study Journey
  • Travis Kelce finally experienced his ceremonial graduation moment.

  • During the 'New Heights' live show, the NFL player and his brother were surprised with a University of Cincinnati graduation ceremony.

  • Kelce attended the university from 2008 to 2012 and obtained his degree in interdisciplinary studies in 2022.

  • While Taylor Swift was not present, the athletes' parents, Donna and Ed Kelce, proudly showed their support.
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Confirmed: Stuff’s new 6pm bulletin to run on Three from July 6: The print news giant has beaten out NZME to create a 6pm bulletin to replace Newshub at Three ...
Confirmed: Stuff’s new 6pm bulletin to run on Three from July 6
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Courtney Love Thinks Taylor Swift Is a Bore: The former “Hole” singer took shots at Swift, as well as Lana Del Rey and Madonna, in a new interview with The ...
Courtney Love Thinks Taylor Swift Is a Bore
Quick Glance: Rock Icon Criticizes Taylor Swift: 'Not Important'
  • Outspoken rock legend Courtney Love criticized Lana Del Rey, Madonna, and Taylor Swift in a new interview, stating that the latter is 'not important.'

  • Love expressed negative views on Taylor Swift, calling her 'not important' and uninteresting as an artist, despite potentially being a safe space for girls.

  • She also mentioned her ongoing feud with Madonna, dating back to their awkward encounter on MTV in 1995.

  • Furthermore, Love harshly criticized Lana Del Rey, suggesting she delay the release of her upcoming album 'Lasso' until 2031 due to perceived overexposure.
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China: Economy outperforms first quarter forecasts: Strong performance in the manufacturing sector as well as new infrastructure projects helped China's ...
China: Economy outperforms first quarter forecasts
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Edmonton Oilers' Connor McDavid joins exclusive group with 100-assist season: Edmonton Oilers star Connor McDavid on Monday became the fourth player in NHL ...
Edmonton Oilers' Connor McDavid joins exclusive group with 100-assist ...
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‘Saturday Night Live’ Can’t Keep it Together: Ryan Gosling hosted an episode that included appearances by Caitlin Clark, Emily Blunt and Kate McKinnon ...
‘Saturday Night Live’ Can’t Keep it Together
Quick Glance: Funny Moments with Ryan Gosling and Beavis at SNL
  • During a television segment on artificial intelligence, the cast of Saturday Night Live had difficulty keeping a straight face as Ryan Gosling and Mikey Day appeared as Beavis and Butt-Head.

  • Gosling was dressed as Beavis and sat behind Heidi Gardner's character. The costumes of Gosling and Day brought laughter to the cast and the actors themselves.

  • Heidi Gardner struggled to deliver her lines when she saw Gosling in his Beavis outfit. When Day showed up as Butt-Head, it was even harder for her to stay serious. The entire cast fought with laughter as the sketch continued.

  • Ryan Gosling is celebrated for his role as Ken in Barbie and has appeared in successful films like Drive and La La Land. A live-action adaptation of Beavis and Butt-Head with him is currently not in the works.
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BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani has lost his bid to dismiss the $148 million defamation judgment against him from late last year won by former Georgia election workers ... Show more
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Megan Fox tells women to 'move on' because men 'will drain you' after ending Machine Gun Kelly engagement
Megan Fox tells women to 'move on' because men 'will drain you' after ...
Quick Glance: Megan Fox Addresses Comparison with Chelsea from 'Love Is Blind'
  • Megan Fox is sharing her thoughts on Chelsea Blackwell's controversial comparison to her in the latest season of 'Love Is Blind.'

  • Two months after the show aired, Fox commented on the reality TV drama that caused a stir.

  • Fox believes Blackwell is telling the truth about the comparisons and hopes her sparkle wasn't taken away.

  • Blackwell and Fox faced comparisons leading to fan criticism, with both Brian Austin Green and Jimmy Presnell defending Blackwell.
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The moment Caitlin Clark went No. 1 overall 👏
Profile picture of CBS Sports
Last week: National Championship game This week: WNBA Draft 🔥 (🎥 @fos)
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🔴 🇮🇱 🇮🇷 🇺🇳 #Israel and #Iran accused one another Sunday at the #UnitedNations of being the main threat to peace in the Middle East, each calling on the #SecurityCouncil to impose ... Show more   #emergency
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Brittney Griner and Wife Cherelle Announce They’re Expecting a Baby: The couple announced the news in an Instagram post on Saturday.
Brittney Griner and Wife Cherelle Announce They’re Expecting a Baby
Quick Glance: Brittney Griner and Wife Cherelle Expecting Their 1st Baby
  • WNBA star Brittney Griner and her wife, Cherelle Griner, are expecting their first baby together.

  • The couple announced the news on Instagram with an ultrasound image.

  • Griner returned to the US after being released from a Russian prison and is set to release her memoir.

  • HuffPost appeals for support to keep quality journalism freely accessible to all.
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Cybertruck owners allege pedal problem as Tesla suspends deliveries: Owners will have to wait until April 20 for deliveries to resume.
Cybertruck owners allege pedal problem as Tesla suspends deliveries
Quick Glance: Tesla Halts Cybertruck Deliveries Due to Issues
  • Tesla has reportedly halted Cybertruck deliveries, possibly due to issues with the accelerator pedal.

  • Forums dedicated to the Tesla Cybertruck recently reported delays or cancellations in deliveries.

  • Influencers confirm that Tesla has suspended all Cybertruck deliveries for 7 days to address an issue with the accelerator pedal.

  • Tesla is facing challenges with production in Shanghai and struggling to ramp up production of the updated Model 3 in the Fremont plant.
Profile picture of The Boston Globe
Former Patriots star Rob Gronkowski brought his signature enthusiasm to the Boston Marathon Monday, when the event’s grand marshal rallied the spectators and ... Show more
Quick Glance: Gronk Crushes Baseball in First Pitch at Fenway Park
  • The Boston Red Sox enlisted former Patriots player Rob Gronkowski to handle the first pitch at Fenway Park.

  • Gronk spiked the baseball deep into the Earth's crust, resulting in triumphant applause.

  • A classic move we can expect from Gronkowski, who seems to be on a mission to crush anything he can get his hands on.

  • It's a smart move, as a botched first pitch often goes viral, but Gronk avoided this by destroying the ground instead.
Profile picture of NBC News
In second grade, Caitlin Clark wrote a note to herself, compiling her goals for the future – including playing in the WNBA. Tonight ... Show more
Quick Glance: Bishop's Premonition and Stabbing Incident
  • A well-known Sydney bishop, stabbed during a sermon, had been warned of a potential attack on his life in recent weeks.

  • The attack on Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, allegedly by a 15-year-old, occurred at the Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley on Monday night following a sermon where the bishop mentioned that his death was imminent.

  • The bishop clarified that his potential passing would not be an attempt to escape or avoid life, but rather a conscious desire to be with God.

  • A 15-year-old boy was arrested after the attack on the bishop and three other men during a service at an Assyrian Orthodox church in Sydney's southwest. The bishop was taken to the hospital with multiple stab wounds and is currently in stable condition.