Is a reliable source?

This is how independent third parties assess the credibility and media bias of this source.
OVERALL RATING:56 +, 10 - scores a total of 56 Plus Points and 10 Minus Points in our evaluation of journalistic quality.
    This corresponds to a score of 80* resp. the grade A- (very good).

    Grade Score
    very good A+ > 89
    A 89 - 84
    A- 83 - 79
    good B+ 78 - 74
    B 73 - 67
    B- 66 - 62
    satisfactory C+ 61 - 56
    C 55 - 49
    C- 48 - 44
    sufficient D+ 43 - 39
    D 38 - 32
    poor D- 31 - 26
    insufficient F < 26
    *: (56 + 5 BP) * 100 / (56 + 5 BP + 10 + 5 BP)
Grade composition
The overall rating is made up of the following individual ratings from independent third parties:
Journalism Awards23 +
Journalism prizes are awards for excellent journalistic work in the period covered by the call for entries, which is usually one or two years. Sources receive one plus point for each journalistic award won that we track. We currently track up to three prestigious awards per country.
Media Bias/Fact Check15 +, 5 -
Media Bias/Fact Check (MBFC) is an American fact-checking website founded in 2015. It uses a 0-10 scale to rate sites on two areas: bias and factual accuracy. A source rated by MBFC with minimal bias gets 10 plus points. Maximum bias gets 10 minus points. The same principle applies to factual accuracy.
Ad Fontes Media16 +, 4 -
Ad Fontes Media, Inc. is a media watchdog organization based in Colorado that is best known for its Media Bias Chart, which ranks media sources based on political bias and reliability. We combine their ratings of individual articles and episodes to create a weighted average, with low-rated items increasingly weighted higher.
    Reliability (Weighted Average)
  • "High"
Wikipedia2 +
Wikipedia's reliability was often criticized in the 2000s but has improved over time; in the late 2010s and early 2020s, it was universally praised. Any positive mention of a source in the extract of a Wikipedia page in terms of credibility and quality gets a plus point, and vice versa.
Fact Checkers1 -
We primarily use fact-checkers affiliated with the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). We have linked to the International Fact-Checking Network fact-checkers' code of principles in the headline. For each failed fact-checker there is one minus point.
Press Council Rulings
Press councils are national institutions of media self-regulation. Press councils have their own defined press code. Reprimands are issued in the event of a violation of the press code (e.g. for truthfulness, diligence, sensationalism, separation of advertising and editorial, personal rights). For each reprimand issued by a national press council, a source receives one minus point.
  • There have been no press council rulings against the source to date.
Most scientific publications, though not all, rely on some form of peer review or editorial review to qualify texts for publication. Sources mentioned in studies which rate media quality and/or reliability receive between 10 plus and 10 minus points.
  • There are no evaluations of studies available to date.
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The Guardian
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The New York Times
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News from reputable sources that might interest you
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BREAKING: Caitlin Clark has been drafted by the Indiana Fever with the first overall pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft.
Quick Glance: Caitlin Clark's Eventful WNBA Draft Week
  • Caitlin Clark, the NCAA Division I all-time leading scorer, had a whirlwind week before the WNBA Draft, signaling just the beginning of her promising career.

  • From the national championship to "SNL" to the Empire State Building and the draft, Clark is celebrated as one of the most sought-after and scrutinized rookies in the WNBA.

  • After a series of events within eight days, including appearances on "Saturday Night Live", meetings, and honors, Clark looks forward to starting her professional career with the Indiana Fever.

  • With a 190 percent increase in ticket prices and a massive fan response upon her arrival at the Fever, Clark and the team have high hopes for a successful season and a return to the playoffs.
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Trump claims ‘political persecution’ as criminal trial in New York opens: The trial, which is the first such case against a former U.S. president ...
Trump claims ‘political persecution’ as criminal trial in New York opens
Quick Glance: Trump Trial: Jury Selection and Behavior
  • Initiation of trial against Trump for hush money payments to porn star.

  • Jury selection in New York and the challenge of impartiality.

  • Questions on media behavior and political affiliation during jury selection.

  • Trump's conduct in the courtroom and views on political persecution.
Profile picture of The Guardian
Tesla to cut 14,000 jobs as Elon Musk aims to make carmaker ‘lean and hungry’: Billionaire says ‘there is nothing I hate more’ than cutting staff as more than ...
Tesla to cut 14,000 jobs as Elon Musk aims to make carmaker ‘lean and ...
Quick Glance: Tesla to Cut 14,000 Jobs, Elon Musk Aims for Lean Brand
  • Tesla is laying off more than 10% of its global workforce, equivalent to at least 14,000 roles, in response to slowing demand and price pressure.

  • Elon Musk announced the 'difficult decision' in a memo, mentioning that Tesla had experienced role and function duplications in certain areas due to rapid growth in recent years.

  • The job cuts follow a difficult start to the year for the electric carmaker, citing production problems caused by unforeseen factors and a decline in global demand.

  • Tesla recorded a gross profit margin of 17.6% in the fourth quarter, the lowest in over four years, attributed to repeated price cuts and increased competition in China.
Profile picture of ZDF
Fee for Platform X: Musk: Anyone who is new should pay: Anyone who sets up a new account with X will have to pay in the future. Elon Musk wants to outsmart ...
Fee for Platform X: Musk: Anyone who is new should pay
Quick Glance: Musk: New X Users to Pay Fee
  • Elon Musk plans for new users of X to initially pay a fee to publish posts and exclude bots.

  • Introducing this fee is aimed at reducing the activity of automated bot accounts on the platform.

  • Tests in New Zealand and the Philippines, however, raised skepticism about the effectiveness of the fee, as it could lead to higher costs and spammers.

  • The introduction of fees for basic functions at X and the decline in advertising revenues since Musk's takeover have had negative impacts on the platform and the brands advertising there.
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Fans are hailing #HannahWaddingham an 'icon' after she called out a photographer who asked her to 'show some leg' 🙌 The #TedLasso star was posing on the red carpet at the ... Show more   #OliverAwards
Quick Glance: Hannah Waddingham Confronts Photographer for Sexist Remark
  • Hannah Waddingham slammed a male photographer during London’s prestigious Olivier Awards for asking her to show her leg.

  • The heated exchange didn’t affect Waddingham’s hosting duties, showcasing her resilience.

  • Waddingham’s telling-off went viral, earning praise for her strong stance against sexism.

  • The award-winning actress has a history of speaking out against derogatory remarks and has been commended for her courage and determination.
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The Negligence I Saw Working as a Carer #fbreels
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Yesterday, George Stephanopoulos conducted a “skillful and revealing interview with New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu,” Peter Wehner writes ... Show more
Quick Glance: N.H. Governor Supports Trump Despite Controversy
  • New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu stated his backing for former President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election, despite acknowledging Trump's role in the Capitol insurrection of January 6, 2021.

  • Sununu emphasized that his support for Trump is more about the Republican administration and values rather than the individual candidate, expressing that a significant percentage of Americans favor Trump's return to the presidency.

  • Addressing the possibility of Trump facing legal challenges, Sununu highlighted the preference for focusing on substantial issues over legal matters in the Republican Party, accepting Trump as a symbol of the desired cultural change within the party.

  • When questioned about his personal stance on Trump, Sununu reiterated his alignment with the majority of Americans who continue to support Trump's presidential candidacy despite concerns over his past actions and potential legal issues.
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Tesla: job cuts at e-car company - Welcome to reality, Elon Musk!: Tesla is facing a large wave of layoffs. This is bad for the employees, but hopefully healing ...
Tesla: job cuts at e-car company - Welcome to reality, Elon Musk!
Quick Glance: Tesla: Layoffs and Elon Musk's Reality Check
  • Tesla is planning a major layoff to prepare for the future.

  • Elon Musk's grasp on reality is questioned as Tesla performs mediocre in the automotive industry.

  • Tesla experiences a decline in revenue margin compared to other automakers.

  • The success of Tesla's future depends on the implementation of autonomous driving technology.
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Meghan Markle's American Riviera Orchard unveils strawberry jam as first product: The duchess follows in the footsteps of her father-in-law, Charles ...
Meghan Markle's American Riviera Orchard unveils strawberry jam as first ...
Quick Glance: Meghan Markle's Brother Ridicules Duchess in 'Grotesque' YouTube Video: 'Ultimate Betrayal'
  • Thomas Markle Jr., 57, impersonated the duchess in a YouTube video, sparking accusations of 'betrayal'.

  • Royal commentator Jennie Bond criticized the video as 'grotesque' and the 'ultimate betrayal'.

  • Thomas plans to release merchandise like glasses, mugs, and T-shirts to profit from his royal connection.

  • While Meghan ignores her hateful half-brother, she enjoys a relaxed time in Florida with Prince Harry, who is filming a new Netflix series.
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"He's gonna lose more votes than Kevin McCarthy." Rep. Thomas Massie said he will back Marjorie Taylor Greene's motion to vacate Speaker Mike ... Show more
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Patrick Mahomes is our second 2024 TIME100 cover star. The Chiefs quarterback reflects on his latest Super Bowl-winning season ... Show more
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Courtney Love thinks Taylor Swift is ‘not important’ and has some thoughts about Beyoncé, Lana Del Rey and Madonna, too
Courtney Love thinks Taylor Swift is ‘not important’ and has some thoughts ...
Quick Glance: Rock Icon Criticizes Taylor Swift: 'Not Important'
  • Outspoken rock legend Courtney Love criticized Lana Del Rey, Madonna, and Taylor Swift in a new interview, stating that the latter is 'not important.'

  • Love expressed negative views on Taylor Swift, calling her 'not important' and uninteresting as an artist, despite potentially being a safe space for girls.

  • She also mentioned her ongoing feud with Madonna, dating back to their awkward encounter on MTV in 1995.

  • Furthermore, Love harshly criticized Lana Del Rey, suggesting she delay the release of her upcoming album 'Lasso' until 2031 due to perceived overexposure.
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More than 150 people were arrested or taken into custody across the US as pro-Palestinian protesters blocked roads and one of the country’s most famous bridges ... Show more
Quick Glance: Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Block Major Bridges and Roads in US Cities
  • Pro-Palestinian demonstrators blocked the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Interstate 880 in Oakland.

  • Roads were also blocked in Chicago and Eugene to protest against the war between Israel and Hamas.

  • The blockades resulted in arrests and traffic disruptions, but airport operations remained largely normal.

  • Protests also took place in New York and Seattle, leading to temporary road closures and arrests.
Profile picture of Newsweek
Home Building Is Collapsing: New home construction in the U.S. plunged in March, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.
Home Building Is Collapsing
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From opponents in high school and college to WNBA teammates 🔥 The Chicago Sky have a new duo in town 👏
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Sheikh Hamdan shares viral video of elephants enjoying the rain in DubaiThe Crown Prince of Dubai often shares photos and clips celebrating rainy weather in ... Show more
Quick Glance: Sheikh Hamdan Shares Impressive Video of Elephants in the Rain in Dubai
  • Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai, surprised his 16.3 million followers on Instagram with a captivating video of elephants enjoying the rain in Dubai.

  • The short clip features five African elephants grazing on desert plants, with the Dubai skyline and overcast skies in the background.

  • The United Arab Emirates experienced heavy rainfall accompanied by thunder and lightning this morning.

  • As per the National Center of Meteorology, cloudy skies and rain are predicted to continue until Wednesday afternoon.
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Watch as Steph Curry makes a young fan's dream come true when he sees him wearing his high school jersey. #sportskind
Profile picture of Politico
Police in Brussels have moved to shut down an ongoing gathering of Europe’s hard-right elite, with UK politician Nigel Farage in attendance today and Hungarian ... Show more
Quick Glance: Brussels Police Shut Down Right-Wing Conference with Farage and Braverman
  • Brussels police stormed a right-wing conference attended by Nigel Farage and Suella Braverman after orders for the event to be shut down.

  • The controversial National Conservatism Conference was closed to ensure public safety.

  • Despite police arriving and giving attendees 15 minutes to leave, speeches continued.

  • The conference, hosted by Viktor Orban and the Edmund Burke Foundation, aimed to strengthen national conservatism principles in Western countries.
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Former US President Trump must stand trial: Donald Trump is the first former US president in history to face criminal charges. In total he is accused in four ...
Former US President Trump must stand trial
Profile picture of Time
Introducing our first 2024 TIME100 cover star: Dua Lipa. The pop star talked to TIME about her new album, her childhood in Kosovo ... Show more
Profile picture of ABC News
LATEST: The Manhattan district attorney's office has filed its formal request to hold former Pres. Trump in contempt over a series of recent social media posts ... Show more